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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Being There

Full of flu-bug, I arrived in Buffalo, WY early Sunday afternoon. (Pop denied being sick, I think he excreted his bug out at the hotel) Mom (aka "Nana") had made a favorite venison dish and I couldn't eat. She happened to have frozen turkey soup that she thawed out for me, that I was able to hold down. I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening looking feverish and miserable. I felt like such a putz showing up like that, unable to unpack and even watch my own son.

The next day I woke up fine. I had woken up around 2am full of sweat so I must of boiled the bug out.

I ate the leftover venison for lunch, cold and with bread. Delicious. I was afraid to nuke it and change the flavor. We ran some errands and then that afternoon went "swimming". The pool in town is huge, about 4 full size pools in one in which they pipe in snow runoff from the mountain. Freezing cold. It was a really warm day, so I felt stupid to sit there dipping my feet. My son and I finally ran races in the shallow end until we were hot enough to go all the way in the deeper water. I had been bragging about his swimming skills and the new ability to do somersaults, I wanted him to show off.

My brother and sister in law came every evening for dinner. It was cool because we had a lot of time to visit and joke around, and they played intensely with Pop. Hide and seek in a big house, sometimes with all of us. (dinner on Monday was mom's old enchilada recipe, she has her enchilada sauce imported from California by other relatives)

Tuesday was go to Sheridan day. The purpose was to check out local animals in this park they have. We finally spotted the elk and most of the buffalo, he was partially hidden in a barn because of the heat. Pop was busy taking the binoculars to check out their local pool though. Going to Sheridan always involves a trip to Walmart, always. My brother (who managed to skip work) decided to buy my son a toy. The search was agonizing until my son picked a pinwheel. lol My brother ended up taking him back to the toy section and coming out with a Nerf dart gun. That night we went to my brother's for dinner. We ate outside and had taco salad (another old family recipe). Pop got trips in my brother's 4 wheeler ATV in his backyard.

Wednesday people had to work and my mom wanted to clean the house. I took my son back to Sheridan for shopping and a scenic drive. We went "tique-ing" and then took highway 87 back, stopping at Fort Phil Kearney on the way. He didn't like this stop at all, but he posed for some pictures for me. We also stopped at the only Starbucks in the area. I can't remember what we had for dinner that night.

Thursday was the last day for us. Nana, Pop and I went to Buffalo's downtown for window shopping. I took the last pictures in my disposable camera thinking I could develop them at a local place that never opened. drat When we went back home, it was warm enough for Nana and Pop to don bathing suits and have a water fight in the back yard.

Later, my brother and sister-in-law came with pizza (enough for the trip back). We ate outside and then went for ice cream. There was a mini-golf course and so Pop and Co. got to golf. We said our good byes.

The next morning Pop and I left for home.

Highlights to Buffalo, WY:

mild weather, good food, intense playing for my son, driving around in the country, lots of pets, fun

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