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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Road Trip Part 1

Took Pop on a road trip last week. We left Friday the 22nd and drove 500 miles to Santa Fe, NM. I had made a hotel reservation there so I had a goal for the day.

I had planned to leave at 7am but well, that was a lofty goal, wasn't it? We left at 8. Then to make matters worse, I got a "stomach problem" before we even made it to the freeway. I had to make 4 rest stops-I'm sure that ate up about an hour or more altogether.

Much of New Mexico is butt-ugly, well, the southern part that I-25 goes through. We had stopped in Deming for lunch at the Grand Motor Inn. A very old place I had found on the internet that serves homemade food. My son loved it. From Deming, I got on a small highway that cuts to I-25 (bypassing Las Cruces and that White Sands nonsense) at Hatch (chiles!). The next stretch of road always seems shorter on the atlas. . . . Then we hit Albuquerque at rush hour traffic. Finally around 7pm MDT, we reached Santa Fe and our hotel. This city crawls from the ugly grasslands to the beautiful hills where its downtown sits. We didn't go downtown, but I did get some great food near our hotel. (Chicken enchiladas in mole at Los Portrillos) We relaxed, swam and had hotel breakfast the next morning.

I didn't see a Travel Plaza on the way out of town, so I drove for a while worrying about gas. Finally saw a sign and pulled off the road, only to see another sign pointing "4.4 miles" down a highway. So, I took the highway which brought me to Pecos, NM. This was about 10 or 15 miles of real scenery, lush greens and trees and houses. We had lunch at a very slow, filthy Denny's in Raton.

Colorado was a nightmare, like I knew it would be. The very bottom isn't too exciting (plateau and grass) and once we hit Pueblo, the traffic was just ghastly. Road construction, fast cars, impatient 7 year old in the back seat. It was like this until we stopped in Fort Collins (my planned stop for the night).

The Ramada wasn't it was all cracked up to be. (Roomsaver find though they wouldn't accept the coupon) There was an enclosed pool in the "courtyard" which made it really hot inside. The food in the "full service restaurant" was awful (overcooked, expensive and poor tasting). I woke up at 5am with stomach bug. Blech.

The next day, I drove the final leg through Wyoming with this pending flu-bug, nauseated, feeling like I need to "go to the bathroom" and searing back pain. Plans for breakfast in Fort Collins were cancelled, lunch in Casper? cancelled. The good news is that it took just 5 hours to drive to Buffalo.

At 1:30ish pm, we arrived at my parents' house in Buffalo, Wy.

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