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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bruce Campbell Live at the Crest Theatre

Can I just say this? Bruce Campbell is one sexy guy. Not, "for his age" or "for his type". He's sexy, nuff said.
He appeared last night at a screening (apparently the first film screening) of his latest movie, Man with the Screaming Brain. In a nutshell, it's about two men (that just met) who are killed by the same woman and their brains are combined in Bruce Campbell's body (well, his character's body). It's part love story, horror, sci-fi and mostly comedy. A big party for Bruce, Ted Raimi fans.
Bruce has other things to say besides insulting his stalking-I mean loyal-fanbase. He appeals to the crowd to frequent the old, single theatres that are progressively disappearing. My own town, Chico, has just lost its last theatre to the local "developer" who is considering turning it into a parking garage or office space. We do have a very good independent theatre but I wish we could keep the big one to keep more family-oriented entertainment downtown. I mean, isn't that what good oldfashioned capitalism is about? Keeping communities economically viable? Oh, yeah, we're not enjoying that kind of capitalism, but the extreme kind where Edge Cities and out of city limits businesses thrive and attract crappy architecture and chain-stores. Where the parking is PLENTIFUL AND FREE!!


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