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Monday, April 16, 2007

Autism Awareness Month

I have mixed feelings about Autism Awareness month. There has been a crescendo of news stories and talk show dedications. However, there is mainly just one side to Autism being portrayed. That side is of the victimized parents and families of Autistic people. Autism is routinely referred to as a disease that is suffered. High profile advocates use damning metaphors like "tsunami"* and epidemic*.
Casual viewers and new parents see these portrayals on popular shows (Oprah, Dateline and The View) and are left mystified.
This weekend the Autism Awareness event was "the Walk". The fundraising goes to Autism Speaks, which seeks to cure and eradicate autism. That's not my interest. I want people to respect autistics and understand community members that may think and act differently from them. I want school districts to be proactive in training their teachers to teach autistic students.
Is that so much to ask for?
Maybe so.
Autism Diva shared this link to Big White Hat's blog, with his message to the autistic community. I think it belongs addressed to autism community too.


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