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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Special Education, Special Interests?

Well, the third week of school and things aren't going so well. We knew it would be rough starting because of all the misdirection. However, you'd think that if you have a child in your system (school) that you would at least try to accomodate that person to the best of your ability or be honest when you won't. We are told that Pop has an aide and he will be getting bus services (special ed). The aide is a person who facilitates his transitions and any particular problems he may have; not understanding something said, needing help transitioning from one activity to the next, needing coping skills for a particular sensory issue etc. They stay with him throughout the day and observe any "triggers" that set him off. Triggers can be schedule changes, sensory integration problems (noisy, bright, crowded, etc), fear of unknown, not understanding what's going on around him. Sometimes disruptive behavior is actually indiscreet mimicking/echolalia.

So, anyhow, my husband and I have shown up at school on at least 3 occasions during which the aide is not with Pop and is performing other tasks. Today was the first day I even met her and I had to ask who she was. I can't get a clear picture of what is going on. Pop says that he has been sent to the principal's office more than once, today he said that some man (he didn't know the name) threatened him with the police. He has frequently told me that his teacher and the special ed teacher are "mean". No one else has mentioned the principal's office to me so I can't tell who is telling me what. Pop is very defensive and evasive concerning school and his behavior. He doesn't like it there and doesn't want to go back. The special ed teacher has already started suggesting other schools with "autistic programs", despite the fact that we haven't even begun a proper program here at his home school.

What really burns me up is that the failure of services/adaptation on the part of the special ed dept is detrimental to Pop's relationship to his regular 1st grade teacher. Pop is disruptive, sometimes out of control and needs help figuring out how to cope. Yesterday, he was removed from his classroom for the final 1.25 hour and didn't get his homework sent home. My husband had to go to the cafeteria to look for his lunchbox. He was making vague comments about going to the nurse's office too. WTF???!

Oh and the bus. After telling me that I DO NOT want to put my son on the regular bus (w/ 60+ loud kids), she informs me that yes, he is scheduled to be on that bus. No mention of the special ed bus/van. Sorry, I'll drive him.

I never thought I would ever say this, but homeschooling is looking pretty ideal to me.


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