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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Heat Wave?

Global Warming aside, this yammering on about "how hot it is!" has gone too far. Not only do I hear about the phenomenon that is summer at work but on the news too. Today, Talk of the Nation on NPR featured the heat as a whole topic worthy of nonstop jokes.
Why is it that dying of heat-exposure is considered a "weather-related" event? It's suicide, it's neglience, it's murder and it's an accident. It's not weather-related. You can die of hypothermia in 50 degree weather if you're drunk enough and you can succumb to hypothermia in 80 degree weather if you submerge your drunkenself in 50 degree water. Is that weather-related?
It just drives me nuts to no end that people keep talking about it like July has never happened before.