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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Election Day Blooze

Does it really surprise anyone that there is voter registration fraud en masse?! What is the Democrat Party but a heaping pile whiners and victims? Yes, of course, the GOP is officially and unofficially trying to destroy the Democrat voice. So are the Democrats themselves. What are these massive voter registration drives but trying to rally the laziest, least informed in our society to vote the "Right Guy"? So, it just goes that those Laziest are going to get duped by fraudulent orgs that pose as voter drives but really are out to throw away registration forms.
If you really care about the state of the union, then you inform yourself and your friends and you calmly register to vote at your local DMV. You can pick up a form and it even has postage paid. My husband picked up a different form at a retail store and it not only lacked self-addressed label or postage but it didn't even tell you where to mail it to. It didn't look official and had no gov't information on it. Yeah you right.
So, some people work hard and raise families and don't have time to register the right way. Then those people don't have time to read up on their shit and deserve to lose their voice. This is a fucking Democracy and you better take it more seriously than to fill out a half-assed form while in line at the Record Store.

Disclaimer: this diatribe in no way derides the legitimate effort some non-partisan orgs are putting on to alert citizens about Election Day. They're well-meaning but people need to assert themselves and be held accountable for their own actions.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Authenticity For Dumbies!

Thomas Frank uses the term, "authenticity" in his book, What's the Matter with Kansas? to describe the class wars of the middle and upper classes. Being authentic becomes an objectified aesthetic when taken to extreme, when you're preoccupied with how people see you. I can't believe how pervasive this is. I don't really know if it has always been as such, being that most people don't like to discuss "authenticity" in this way, unless they are accusing someone else of being unauthentic.
Damn, I can't think.